Interior Cleaner

We’re used to separate cleaners, bathroom, kitchen, antibacterial-surface, window etc… But in the leisure industry vehicles space is always an issue. With that in mind we wanted to create a all-in-one product to clean the chopping board to acrylic windows.

Designed especially to clean and care for all interior surfaces – in the kitchen, bathroom, living area. Interior surfaces range from plastic work tops, stainless steel sinks, ceramic splashbacks, vinyl floors, acrylic windows, fridges, showers, toilets. Our product is safe to use on all surfaces bar polished wood. It’s non abrasive and won’t stain and will prevent mould and mildew (Fridges & Showers)

One-Chem™ Interior cleaner will even give your acrylic windows a sparkling finish!


Please click here for “how to use” instructions

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