Towball Degreaser


One-Can Formula

As more & more caravans, trailer tents, boat trailers & trailers are fitted with the AI-KO style stabilizer unit with friction pads it is essential that the grease and dirt is removed to assist the stabiliser pad’s grip to the towball.

Rather like car brake pads need a clean disc. An increasing number of people don’t cover the hitch or towball or are out in bad weather, use bike racks & trailers which require lubrication between caravan trips. Subsequently cleaning the towball before hook up is essential.

Towball degreaser makes this small but important job quick and painless with the use of the aerosol. It evenly disperses the product over the towball and friction pads and allows you to quickly and easily remove dirt, grease and grime. Thus improving towing stability, driving comfort and safety.

Ready to use aerosol degreaser to remove grease, road grime, corrosion from towballs & stabilizer units fitted on caravans, boat trailers & trailer units.

Designed for dry,grease free towball/stabilizer couplings.

Improves towing stability, driving comfort & safety

Clean stabilizers & towballs effectively help stop snaking and pitching

Prolonging life of pads and parts

Safe & easy to use on all makes & models


Please click here for “how to use” instructions


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